Saturday, 21 August 2010


I sometimes want to change the title of the blog. to something less 'cancery'. After all, this is not just a 'cancer' blog any more - it's a 'what the hell I am doing now' blog too.  ha! this week we learned that this is a 'not' clever manoeuvre. My friend Tracey decided to do just that. And lo and behold, she disappeared from the bloguverse…hmm. not quite the plan, so I shan't be doing that!!

So - today was rather monstrous. 5 chalets to clean. By the time one reaches the fifth, one is totalled. Uff. 15 beds, 10 bathrooms….etc.

And today I had stomach cramp - which EVERYONE has. But of course, mine were a return of the cancer - or [you guessed it] a return of the cancer. Bah - pathetic! Anyone can have stomach cramp…me too. For no reason at all. It went away. Of course it did.

But having HAD cancer - well, it takes a lot from your life. If you lose weight quickly [like I have] you worry - otherwise you'd be jumping for joy! If you have stomach cramp, pain in the tummy, a sore knee - it's cancer. Grr. Even though it's not.

So a normal life is here, and I am SO trying to live it; except I think I will never be normal again [but was I ever anyway? heh heh]…but one thing is for sure, I have never been this fit in my life! January I will be starting training for the Women v Cancer cycle. Now THAT is going to be interesting!!


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