Friday, 13 August 2010

friday 13th

The last few weeks have been nonstop pressure. Work, fund raising, work - the same as everyone else I think. Except normal people don't run around fundraising like crazy types [usually] in between jobs.

I seem to be like a spinning top right now. I am completely lacking in coherence. So many different jobs mean having a lot of different 'heads' on [and that's the problem -  leads to chaos heh heh]…chalet bashing [job 1] is simply racing from one chalet to the next at top speed. Strip the beds [3 per chalet; one double, two singles] boom boom; clean 2 bathrooms [WHO invented the toilet?? kill 'em], 2 beds, lounge, kitchen diner, bam…pack up the laundry and haul it out to the golf cart [groan!], collect clean laundry, make up the beds…race to the next chalet. And so on and so forth x 4, 5 or 6 chalets per shift. The laundry bags weigh a ton, especially if all the towels are wet [aaargh!]. The Horrible Henry Hoover is like a Thing of Satan - I SERIOULSY hate that Hoover…grr. It can't turn corners and it's always smashing my feet to smithereens…beastly thing!! Just look at it!! WHO would invent a cleaning machine A: with wheels that can't turn over it's own cable [it falls on it's facetious face], and B: with a smiley face?? Only a man…smiley face…fft…it should have Evil Eyebrows. Anyway…


Then [job 2] there's the feelgoodecobeds number. That's mainly graphic design, but also happily includes a bit of actual furniture making - well, not making, but finishing. I was having a cool time last week waxing and polishing bedsteads. Not that it's not exhausting - it is, but in a good way. This week I have postcards to get printed and then I need to run them out to shops in the hope that someone will buy a bed or two. I get 15% of any bed sales I generate - woop! Bring it ON! I have noticed peeps going to feelgoodecobeds from my blog even! yay!!

Then there's gardening…[job 3, 4 and 5]. Julie and I do a couple of BIG [and I mean BIG] gardens together. We also have a little gardening job or two that we do independently. This morning both of us were in tears. TOO MANY THINGS! We are both run ragged. No time for the 'normal' stuff - housework, ironing; sunbathing?? We are both racing from pillar to post, just trying to pay bills. Once you've had cancer, you really NEED to try and chill your life out - stress is very bad for us. Ffft - so much for theory eh?

And then there's [job 4] which is a little number doing html emails for Fingle Glen hotel  - at a severely cut back rate [but there's a reason for that - next post!]. Nice work, as it's using my brains. And my experience. And I enjoy it. That's always a plus. Here's one. They loved it - yippee. Self esteem slightly elevated.


And today, the umpteenth refusal letter from another job app. Oh well. At least they had the decency to reply eh?

My hands are killing me from stripping beds….but at least I CAN strip them…for now.

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  1. Wow lady you need a holiday!!! Thank God the Port Royal do went well. I want to go there just to see the famous place!! Can't wait to meet you and FH!! xxx


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