Sunday, 22 August 2010


this week has been exhausting - chalet bashing 3 days in a row is a tad horrific…but, it's now the weekend, hoorah! One day off. And amazing things this week: I am at 60% of my fundraising target! Yay!! I have raised £2,412.00!! Obviously this is with the help of friends and family…yay them. Chuffed to bits.

AND, one of my gardening clients actually drove out to my house to pay me…now THAT is brilliant. We zoomed down to the Port Royal today - and met up with the chaps that are doing the next event there - so odd, as there was no plan but we all arrived at the same time! Nice to put real faces to Facebook contacts.

Other than that, this evening the FH did a bbq [in the pouring rain!]. Gorgeous chicken…mmm!  And I spoke to one of my MOST precious friends in Portugal on Skype…all told, a good day.

Check out this event:

CF poster_01


  1. Darn it damn n blast will miss it by a day!!! Pants!

  2. Pants?? I'll save you a plastic ducky ;o)


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