Friday, 23 July 2010

an excellent insight

While I was going through cancer and chemo and chaos, I had a hard time accepting or asking for help. I felt it would be 'weak' and tried my best to handle as much as I could on my own or with the FH. He never gave me a choice anyway ;o) Thank goodness. And it was exhausting. For everyone.

I did push people away. I didn't really want my family to see me at all - I just couldn't cope with the idea that they'd see me so ill. And whining. And bald. And that that would be how they remembered me if I died. Rather they remembered the argumentative baggage of yore…

Sometimes it was hard to cope with the reactions of friends or acquaintances, because I was feeling so touchy. Now, I understand everything - how hard some people tried, why some people ran away screaming [silently, but still…] and which people were just a bloody waste of space. And still are - but in someone else's space now thank you.

And how harsh I was. And how patient people really were with my 'oh I have cancer and I might die so don't even go there' bullshit. The following is a post by a fellow blogger - The Carcinista. She's a a two-and-a-half time ovarian cancer survivor. And a fashion freak ;o) And she is beating this bitch disease at last. Go girl! Third time lucky.

Her insight into this is excellent. Read on. Oh, and for UK cancery types, Ovacome is a really marvellous support group. Try them.


carcinista Help Me Help You


See her blog here: The Carcinista. And her Facebook page here.


  1. Splendid post. Will check her out.

  2. I know all about that bitchy behaviour stuff- indeed- I was like it last night. Tiredness and pain usually does it. Will take a look at the post. I think we have just have to learn to forgive ourselves- every day. I think those who love us do it every day too XXX

  3. Thanks for reposting this, Sandhy! We've gotta back each other up. Happy weekend!

    (The Carcinista)


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