Monday, 5 July 2010

fairy cakes in the garden…result!!

Sorry - haven't blogged for ages - too busy! Will try to catch up now.

First - to the person [you know who you are] who loved the 'hugs' video and follows the blog. I love it too and good luck to your mum in Oz. I hope everything works out well.

DSC_0013 Second, well, bugger me!! On Sunday we made £401.10 in about 3 hours! The first donation was from my mum and dad; they couldn't make it but sent money anyway. Thanks! And that seemed to be the trend - peeps who couldn't come sent money. Peeps who could come went mad and bought lots of cakes and raffle tickets and tea. Yay!!

We raffled a couple of magnums of champers [kindly donated by Makro!] and some wine [kindly donated by Majestic Wine] - a good friend of the FH was selling raffle tickets to people who already HAD raffle tickets. Thanks Graham! He did wear his special fundraising hat too…here he is waiting to nab passers by! He sold £46.00 worth of raffle tickets…and hilariously [no, it wasn't a fix!!], he won the first prize, which Jo and I drew after everyone had gone, almost asleep on our feet by that time.


The day was great - I could go on and on about all the kind things people did, but to prĂ©cis: quite a few of my neighbours donated lovely cakes, one of my cancery type friends came all the way from Wales and donated £50.00, then proceeded to buy cake, tea, coffee etc as well! Thanks Kay! Two of the Cycle Kenya girls made a 3 hour trip out of their way to come [and we were so glad they did!! Thanks Jackie and Nicky] then raced off again to an anniversary dinner. While they were here, the Express & Echo photographer arrived to take pics - that was a nice surprise! We were in the paper! Woop!


express   echo 01

Everyone was unbelievably supportive - after the event, people who hadn't made it popped in and gave a donation, some even posted cheques. Unreal. My neighbour across the road bought about 20 cakes!! Go Chris!!

Ricardo made me a whole new set of wooden stepping stones because mine were rotten. Look fab!

And I mention this last but certainly not least - the AWESOME cakes that Jo made. They made the event - without them I would still have raised a lot but honestly, people were buying one, then coming back for three more! They were not "just fairy cakes, they were Jo Kenworthy-Browne fairy cakes" heh heh [sorry American friends, this is a mockery of an M&S advert over here] and they sold like the literal hotcakes. She spent hours and hours baking on Saturday, she brought all the decorations with her, having made them the week before, and then she was icing them all until 2.00 in the morning. See the decs here…gorgeous.                                                          DSC_0069 The house smelt divine all day. Jo drove down from the Scottish borders especially to help me - I thought she was just going to make normal fairy cakes! Not. She made AMAZING fairy cakes!! And the oddest thing was, having never met her other than on the internet, it was like getting together with an old friend. Not at all like meeting a new one - it was super to have you and Delilah JO, can't wait for you to come again!

Thanks so much everyone for your donations, cakes, help and everything I have no doubt forgotten. Whoopee! Great result - thanks!!


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