Wednesday, 7 July 2010

next fundraiser and looking for work…still!

So now I am sorting out the NEXT fundraiser! Tell you what, this fundraising is exhausting stuff! If I were being paid to do it, I'd be raking it in. I am worried, as I am actually starting to enjoy it. Hmm - madness sets in?

Port Royal

I am seriously considering applying for jobs as an Events Organiser - can't be more difficult than finding a job as a graphic designer!! You'd think 10 years experience would be of interest to SOMEONE. But no…every job I apply for I get no reply. How rude. In Devon it seems it's ok to employ only people who have just left school. Oh, and to not bother to let one know whether you have the job or not. This explains a lot about Devon's advertising and marketing!! Anyway…onward and upward, I still have the cleaning job, the furniture maker thing and some gardening. So, all is not lost. Yet.

Today I went with the FH to the job centre - well, they were about as much use as a third buttock. I have to 'go away and phone in for an appointment ' and their job seeking help is to allow one to use their [odd] computers to access the job web site. Which I do at home anyway! It seems that if I work more than 16 hours a week, I am not eligible for benefits. If I work less than 30 hours a week, I am not eligible for tax credits. So, seems if I just don't bother my ass, I can be on the dole, but as I am trying my best to work, they won't help me. This makes no sense. Grr.

In the meantime back at the ranch, I have another fundraiser on the go, at the Port Royal pub on Exeter Quay. I have discovered that if I want to do a raffle in advance of the event [and I do want to - the 3 night weekend at Fingle Glen Golf club, kindly donated by Andy Bridgeman], I have to have a 'gaming licence'. Uh what? Now I am a gambling type? So we are having a 'discussion', the council and I, to try to sort it out. Very complicated. I just want to raise money for women's cancers - and the licence costs £40.00! uff…but they are being very helpful, so I'll see what tomorrow's phone call brings. I'm hoping for a good result, as the event is SOON! I need to sell a LOT of tickets for that - it's worth at least £300.00, so I need to raise more. Eek. But I do have my Secret Weapon: Graham!

Speaking of results, I am off for the beastly blood tests in the morning. Ugh. Next check up looms. Not in the best of moods this week I dare say. In fact, feeling quite the grouch.

And today was mad - after the pathetic result at the job centre, the FH decided that I need a new dress for my friend Julie's 50th birthday bash. I was NOT in shopping mode - so of course I found the perfect dress!! AND in a size 10 which I haven't fitted into since before my dx. Woop! Credit card is feeling the strain heh heh. But as it's her 50th AND her '5 year survivor of ovarian cancer' bash - well, what can you do? It's a bit special isn't it? Check out the cool frock from All Saints [my favourite shop in the universe]! Will be superb with my R+B leopard skin shoes methinks :o)


Oh and by the way, got the results of my mammogram after a shouting match with the secretary. She didn't QUITE get it that I need to know NOW not in 3 weeks time. But it sank in and she became very helpful - rang me back the same day bless her -  all clear!! Yay!! I should be cheerful right? I AM trying…

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