Tuesday, 28 September 2010

it's only Tuesday…

Busy week this week - today I was chalet bashing - tomorrow I am on Dr Debt's manual with a vengeance; and doing the Feelgoodecobeds postcard addressing…aaargh, using Excel and Word to make a mail merge…painful. To say the least.

Wednesday and Thursday I am gardening - dependant on the weather of course. The Ide garden appears to have a lot of bagged topsoil that needs moving, plus loads of Winter Pansies to be potted up.

Winter Pansies


The other garden needs everything doing still! Hello frozen fingers…and Fagin gloves!


Credit: Chris McNamara

Chalet Bashing Friday morning, then waiting tables in the afternoon - I love doing that. It's fun - you meet the sweetest people. They are 'out for dinner'. They want to have a good time - the majority of them do. And if the people you are waiting on are enjoying themselves, well, so do you. No brainer. Saturday, chalet bashing again - then WEEKEND!! Woohoo! Probably I shall sleep until 10.00 on Sunday - that might get rid of the beastly cold which is hanging about still. Grr. Snot city here…ugh. Plus revolting coughing. I'm a delight, really…

And quite some fun this week blogging on Ovacome, and Facebook phoned me to see if I'd like to be a candidate for some TV thing called Daybreak. All about the 'Facebook for Good' thing. Well, yes, why not? Actually all the girls want to go on Oprah, but Daybreak could be ok? heh heh. And the Sky TV thing, Real Lives was repeated today [and I forgot about it until too late to tell anyone - I am useless]. Lots of opportunities for getting ovarian cancer awareness out there - Bring It On!!

Plus it appears that my cool friend in Oz has posted me £40.00 AUD for the Women v Cancer fund!! Woop! Now THAT'S cool! Will just wait to receive it, then add it to the justgiving page total.

A good week so far! Still have insomnia, but what the hell - you can't have everything right?

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