Wednesday, 29 September 2010

liveSTRONG day

Check out this post on winosandfoodies - enter if you can. Me, I'm useless at cooking / baking things…but even if you don't fancy cooking yellow food [or LiveSTRONG day], it's a cool site.

This is a direct copy / paste of part of the winosandfoodies post. Go there to see the zillions of yellow things from 2009. I never knew there was so much yellow food in the world! And go here to see what Janell is up to too…

Here's the winosandfoodies post:



"More than 12 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer and eight million will die from the disease each year. Worldwide, cancer will be the leading cause of death by 2010.

I don't know if I'll ever be free of cancer. Thanks to modern drugs I live with cancer. Drugs that weren't available when my father died of cancer in 2003. Once a fortnight I receive a 30 minute infusion of Avastin. It blocks the blood supply to the tumours, inhibiting their growth. It works differently to chemotherapy and has some side effects, but is easier on the body than chemo.  I consider myself  fortunate to live in a country where the drug is available. Not everyone is so lucky.

Which is why it is  important to raise awareness of cancer issues  globally. This year the Lance Armstrong Foundation went global. To date organisations, corporations, advocates and world leaders from 51 countries have made a commitment to fight cancer. 

For those of us living with cancer we live with hope. Hope....that someday there will be a cure....the chemotherapy will destroy the cancer cells and leave our good  cells alone......we won't need more surgery. Most of all we live with  hope in our hearts...... hope we will grow old with our partners, hope we will see our children grow up,  hope we will enjoy a lifetime of family celebrations and holidays, hope will be around to celebrate birthdays and weddings and new babies and friendships.

The challenge is on for 2010. Let's see if we can get entries from all 51 countries."




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