Thursday, 23 September 2010

this week

last weekend I went to see my besties. And it was brilliant - spent time just talking, eating wonderful food, drinking excellent wine and generally chilling out.

It was a very relaxing 3 days. And thanks to them, I came home feeling much more 'together'. The reason I went to visit was to see my darling friends - one of which has had a hideous and hurtful experience. It was for ME to go and be supportive. But as usual, I was the one who was looked after like a princess. But I did try!

The only bad things were being delayed [as usual!] and that the FH couldn't come. Too expensive - but he merrily booked MY ticket for me anyway - not caring at all. Darling man.

This is a wonderful place…a beach hut - sitting on top of a sand dune. We had marvellous weather and were able to sit outside in those chairs from lunchtime until after midnight - it was so warm! I have a suntanned face!

iphone pics 20.092010 006

And this is the view at breakfast time…fabulous, calming, empty beach. Had sardines for lunch. Super. The simple things are always the best. A 5 star hotel would not have been nicer than this!

In the meantime, I have had slight problems with the Botox palaver - the left side of my face is immobile. NOT great for smiling! In fact rather grotesque, as the left side of my mouth pulls downward. Ugh. But it'll wear off. Wouldn't it be nice if everything horrid eventually wore off?

Plus it's tipping down here- - no gardening today!

Oh, and all ovarian cancer types - go here and fill in this survey please…


  1. "Wouldn't it be nice if everything horrid eventually wore off?"

    You mean like aging?

  2. haha - no you!! I mean like horrid stuff!! ;)


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