Sunday, 26 September 2010

health [mine!]

megan-wonder-woman I was thinking today - whilst stripping beds…[as you do!] some of you may be wondering as to the state of my health. As averse to the state of my life. Some of you have asked. Thank you. No, I'm not dead - just a lazy blogger ;)

And especially all you girls in the midst of chemo - all the girls I know OUT of chemo [and they're a lot!]. The people who follow this blog.

Well, I FEEL great. Like Wonder Woman - I'm not, but I feel like that, having survived [touch wood!] ovarian cancer for now. I am running about like a Blue Arsed Fly…fund raising and looking for work. And working! Doing mainly manual labour right now, gardening, cleaning, waiting on. And actually, I love it - it's helped me lose all the steroid weight, and I've met lots of people through it too. Yay - bring on networking!

The reason I feel like Wonder Woman is because I never thought I'd be able to do any of this. I was so weak and frail after chemo that I just felt that was it. I'd be 2 stone overweight and a weed for ever. Well, not so. Hoorah!

Plus I have a couple of graphic design jobs which keep me in touch and up to date with what I consider my 'real' work. Not that cleaning and gardening aren't - it's just that I suppose I am so used to being a graphic designer that it's hard to think of myself as anything else.

Regarding cancery stuff - I can honestly say that at the moment, I don't think about it an awful lot. I still do think about it - no brainer there. Hence this post. But not every second of every day. Mainly if something goes wrong - like today.

I have a horrible cold. It moved to my chest this morning so I was coughing like a grampus all day, which wrenched my stomach. Oops! Scarring doesn't like that and all afternoon I was nauseous. And there was pain on my left side where the adhesions were. Maybe there's still adhesion there - who knows? It's gone now, so who cares? But it's silly things like that that make you think stupid thoughts.

But the cough is going - and so are the thoughts…4 more months till I start going seriously bonkers ;)


  1. Thank you so much for being strong for me and I know those 4 more months will fly by and so will those years! Here's to that cold getting its ass kicked by a woman who beat cancer and no more thinking stupid thoughts! Kick some more ass!)

  2. You go girl.. I enjoy your blog. Unlike you, I think of cancer all the time and pray and hope it doesn't come back to get me. I did the steriod weight too! (but I still have to take em to breath)so ya, I struggle with my weight.. scar tissue is a joke with me as well... when I get a cold I have to go on pain pills to cough it up or risk it getting stuck...You say weak.. I remember one day being dropped off from chemo, nobody was home, I flopped on my couch with my heavy fall like coat on and was still lying there eyes wide open when my kids got home from school... I was lucky ~ it didn't hit me hard til the end of treatment and I could upchuck with the best of em.. no stomach just a kinda "whoop there it is"... ! Oh well.. it is behind me .. I will be four years cancer free in Nov... So ya.. you EARNED THE STATUS QUOTE OF 'WONDER WOMAN' you wear it well...


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