Thursday, 16 September 2010

a post at last!

I know I haven't really posted for an age [awareness posts don't really count as 'posts' do they?] - and I'm not apologising, because mostly I blog when I am stressed out. It's a brilliant venting place for me. Much to Some People's disgust. But there you go - each to his own eh?

Happily this isn't a 'venting' post at all - I just thought I'd catch everyone up with my little life before someone decided I'd dropped dead! And it's difficult, as SO much has been going on. So, I will try to précis.

First I did the event at the Port Royal [yep - fund raising still!]. Then I did the posters for the Cystic Fibrosis event at the Port Royal too. And we went - it was such fun. Little yellow ducks all over the place! And of course, the usual fab bbq. Oh, and some random swans wondering WHAT was going on?!

DSC_0020Next event was the Boot Sale. Oh ghastly - up at 4.30 and off to freeze our butts off in the queue until 7.15!! Er - what? Anyway, the torture was worth it, as I made £85.00 and Vicky made £60.00. Better than a poke in the eye with a plastic daffodil…

DSC_0009Then I've been having these 'days'…one of them was a particular cracker - first, at about 7.30 in the morning I was asked to quote on [and got] a freelance design job from my friend John. On the same day, Feelgoodecobeds sold a bed and two bedside tables through a friend of mine, Jo - of which I earn a percentage. Then it turned out that my fellow blogger and friend, another Jo won the Port Royal lottery prize!! And [and this was getting a bit mad] I was in the local  paper - the Express and Echo, AGAIN - they seem to be trying to help me [they published my justgiving address etc]. How cool is that?? And, near the end of the day, we sold a duckboard through Amazon!

And last, but certainly not least [on that day], I reached 62% of my fundraising target through my friend Lins -  way to go. It was amazing and exhausting having so many good things happen in one day. Not normal right? But very nice and I had a great day!

In the interim I have been battering away at the chalets and gardens, but doing bits and pieces of graphic design for sundry peeps. All good. Must converse with the accountant before I sink into total chaos…I've missed my spinning class for 4 weeks!! Shriek! The next class is going to be torture.

We had the G'daughter here for a week. There was no WAY I was going to spinning while she was here. Such wasted time.

                      DSC_0088 I had events. I had appointments. Of which one was The Face. My synkinesis, the result of Bells Palsy, has always driven me a bit mad.Well, a week ago Thursday I had a visit to the Botulinum clinic. NOT an easy decision after conversations regarding the likely collapse of my face once more, plus the ghastly idea of an injection into my eyeball to cure the Crocodile Tears. But, so far so good - no improvement really, and only a bit of facial drop so far. And not too much pain yet. Maybe next time he can be more accurate.It only lasts 3 months after all.

And I broke my toe on Saturday night  [that made the boot sale SUCH fun…er. NOT!]. My toe has turned black and blue. Hmm…message to self - be MORE CAREFUL!

And my brother Pete is doing a run for me!! All the funds from his run go to my Women v Cancer fund! Yay - thanks Pete!!

So. Life is good. Hard work, lots of friends - hardly thinking about recurrence unless something stupid happens [which it does, but it seems easier to deal with now?]

And tomorrow I am off to visit my BFF's!!  Woohoo!

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  1. So glad to hear you are doing well! You are a very energetic lady, and that pic of you and your g'daughter is awesome!


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