Sunday, 20 March 2011

another week – another weep

This year seems to be a year of death and terror. I seem to have been crying almost constantly. It started with my dear Dad, and since then I have lost another friend, and recently yet another has been told she’s terminal. Terminal?? What the fuck? [I have given up being polite on here by the way – ever since I used the word ‘bloody’, Google decided my blog is obscene. Or some such. Like I care…]. Terminal – what IS that? But as she is dealing with it with aplomb, so shall I. But it’s so hard.

On top of that, another couple of friends have had recurrence. Oh God that dreaded word…it ends ‘Life as We Know It’ and starts ‘Life Ruled By Treatment and Fear’. Scary scary and more scary. It has made me upset all week – I don’t sleep, and if I do, I have dreams of dying or being cut open to find monstrosities…plus one of my dearest friends has had her ovary removed, and is waiting for the biopsy result. Her ovary was apparently 15cm of tumoury mess. Cursed ovaries!!

I am so tired. Of worrying. Of death. Of cancer.

PLEASE spare anything for my fund raiser – it’s for ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer research. We desperately need this research – please help to fund it? Thank you…ONE pound would be enough and greatly appreciated.

Oh – almost forgot! Was in the paper again this week for the next fund raiser. Most of the facts are right – one of them, that I am 48, is rather chuckalicious ;)


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  1. Sweetheart, with the exception of your father, you do have friends with a high chance of reacurrances unlike most of us who are spared that awful reaper waiting to strike.
    You are an extraordinary lady and so are your friends. Imagine if the world never had people like you in it? I know cancer is a bitch and cruel to the most wonderful people and suffering and death to these wonderful people is the rimate insult. I will never understand it. I will never 'get over it'. It's mean and nasty and grief Is it's melancholic, draining twin sister.

    We will raise a fortune for ovarian cancer. We will do our best to kick it's butt!!
    Without people like you and your friends in the world and I already know they are gorgeous people yet I don't even know them, we would be in trouble.


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