Monday, 7 March 2011

I want to ride my bicycle…

So, I have a brand new bicycle specially for training! My lovely pink Free Spirit bike is not quite up to the task, so I am trying to sell it. This is it:


I reckon £40 or £50 ono would be reasonable, as it’s in good nick, plus it has handle bar shift Shimano gears. And a great bell! ;) PM me if you know anyone interested in buying it. I need the money toward the new one.

Anyway, back to the cool new bike – it’s a Land Rover Maharari. I have always wanted a Landy – now I have one heh heh. To go with my Land Rover key ring, given to me years ago by some wit. Check it out:


Mean machine and even meaner saddle. Which I had to be measured for. Hmm -  it was a rather weird experience to say the least!!! Apparently I have an extremely narrow pelvis and it’s a “good job I never had kids” ? So glad the cycle shop experts are so knowledgeable…and disturbing! ;) So I now have a very narrow saddle. To match my pelvis. Which looks like a torture device. And likely IS. Hmm. This fundraising malarkey is getting a tad expensive. Boot sales for finding the cash - here I come.

Specialized Gel Saddle

AND…I had to buy shoes [breaking the bank, this darned fundraising is]. The shoes because my feet really hurt during spinning, and apparently this is because the soles of trainers are too ‘bendy’. The cycle shoes have a totally solid sole – very funny to walk in, but great on the bike. I tested them at spinning and they are great. So I now clomp about in them like Frankenstein…

shoes sonama wmn

Looking good – lots of BLACK things. Next acquisition is shorts – I ordered some from Chain Reaction Cycles. Pffft – useless. They said they are out of stock [their site shows them IN stock] and then they had the gall to tell me that the shorts are discontinued! LiveStrong cycle shorts do NOT get ‘discontinued’. NOT impressed. But they did refund my money in 3 days, so I am not complaining. Just peeved, because if the web site says ‘in stock’, they should be forced to supply the item. Grr. Back to Plan B which is ordering them from LiveStrong. Handily, Julie gave me money for  my birthday especially for buying cycle shorts, so I am not out of pocket there at least. And last, but not least, I need some Oakleys.


Reason being: they don’t fall off, no matter what; they have 100% UV protection [prevents sun damage to your eyes] and they are just cool.

Apart from all that, I am working from the crack of dawn until this time of night [must go to bed soon!] – not in touch with anyone [bad] and I am so tired of being TIRED that I have no words for it. I am utterly exhausted. So is the FH. WE desperately need a break. Roll on the week in Spain. I shall be prone the entire week. No joke. TIRED!!! And being this tired always makes me nervous….

One fab thing – my neighbour and friend, Claire, is going to train with me! Yay her – I am desperately in need of some support, as I am not particularly inspired right now, and none of the other W v C girls live near me. Yay for Claire :)

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