Wednesday, 9 March 2011

good news :: Ovarian cancer survival rate has doubled to 41%

See this article or read the article as an image below [yay – no adverts, I deleted them ;) ] – quite good news, on the back of one of my friends dying this week, and another having a living wake this weekend before she dies. I am angry.

Stupid, stupid disease…remember, knowledge is power. KNOW THE SYMPTOMS!!! Get with the bloody programme here women!

It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month in the UK – I don’t see much ‘awareness’ actually. Apart from amongst the women who already know about it, because either we had it or we have it! And because we have been through it, and know the ongoing terror of it, we try to spread the word…

But it’s absolutely astounding how closed women are to listening to this. And I know why – I was one of those women. I didn’t want to hear about cancer before I was dx. And actually, I’d LOVE to never hear about it again – never gonna happen…but we do our best eh? One woman’s life saved is worth all the frustration of women like one I spoke to recently…”I don’t need to worry about that. I’ve had kids”. Ok…in kid speak – WHATEVER!! grr

Actually my favourite remark is: “ok, so you had cancer, but you’re fine now, so stop going on about it”. ehehe – you can imagine my little brain working overtime at that moment…as in: ‘where the fuck can I get an AK47?’’

PLEASE see the symptoms link. The ‘bit about persistent pelvic and abdominal pain’ I don’t actually agree with. I never had any pain – but the bloating, feeling full [and thickening of the waist]. Yup…for sure. Easy to ignore and easy to think it’s just age or diet or whatever. Tiredness was my main symptom after the bloating…total and utter exhaustion. I am exhausted now, working 7 days a week – BUT I feel positively frisky compared to how I felt when I had cancer. But I didn’t know.

Be sure to know. The result of ignorance is not pretty.


  1. Great to see the media writing about OC in the UK.

  2. yes - but not enough! and not clearly enough - for example they say in this article that stage III means the cancer has grown 'outside' the pelvis; I was stage III but my cancer was not outside the pelvis. These people need to be educated in order to educate women. It's frustrating.

  3. just found your blog....its good to feel connected to people who's spirit and ire at this disease are similiar to mine. I have been dealing with this for 9.75 years and there have been changes but not many.....I have just be re-diagnosed for third time and am trying to decide what to do this time. Thanks for writing. I too have a blog...whencancerknocks....less medical more personal....hoping maybe I can give someone else go girl!!!!!!

  4. yay you!! off to see your blog. :)


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