Monday, 7 March 2011

¡Ya basta!

I thought today was being a pretty crap day – it started with the car only having petrol to travel 3 km…damn. Just made it to the garage. Then when I got there, half the pumps were closed. So I had to go out and back in again. Grr. Then, at the office, I was doing ten different things at once, the Macintosh crashed in the middle of a job, and 2 hours of work got ‘lost’. Somewhere…it’s definitely there, but we couldn’t find it. So I came home this evening and did it all again, as the deadline is tomorrow. Grr.

In the middle of the evening I discovered that Sweet Jayne died this morning. Fuck. The day’s problems suddenly seemed far less significant. See Jimmy’s post here. I’ve been in touch with Jayne for what seems like years. We met through the blog, and then became friends on Facebook – we never met in the physical world, but we chatted and supported one another. Jayne was awesome. She battled ovarian cancer for 10  years – she wouldn’t listen when they told her she had a few months to live either! Feisty thing :) She lived on long past their gruesome time scale. And gave them the finger to boot.

jayne 01 And she really LIVED her life as far as she possibly could. Please see her blog. She is a truly inspiring person. Was? No. IS. And so is her husband Jimmy.

It was because of Jayne that I have managed to ‘contain’ my fear of a recurrence. After all, she had one – more than one – but she carried on. And on. And it wasn’t easy. I know she is now in a place where all that pain, and all those restrictions on her having fun – well, they’re gone. But it does bring it all to the surface again…

I shall miss her and her pot smoking, pet loving, cycling, blogging ways. I’ll miss her support, friendship and her brave example. But I shan’t forget her. She has her wings now. And no more pain.

jayne 03

¡Ya Basta! – enough is enough…I like it, it  sounds like a swear word! WHEN WHEN WHEN will someone find a cure for this horrible, terrifying disease?? I am sick of death.

Goodbye Jane…you’ll live on in my heart.

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  1. Beautiful reflection on Jayne's life & your relationship with her. Things like this definitely put our 'bad days' into perspective. May she rest in peace <3


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