Thursday, 24 March 2011


I am having a fab one! Knowing that one may die earlier than expected is a great contributor to enjoying the moment. And I do – enjoy every moment. I have been told I am selfish. I have been told I am nasty – cruel even. I’ve been told I am all sorts of things.

But I know I am not. Well, I am never intentionally nasty. I am forgetful – perhaps this seems selfish? I am outspoken – maybe this is seen as cruel?

I don’t know…and to be honest, I no longer care. Life is too short after a cancer diagnosis to actually give a f*%k. Bring on the people who love me as I am. The others…well, take the back seat.

I am scarred. I am weak. I have less hair than I had before chemo. I am now a worrier, where I wasn't before. I concern myself with awareness of ovarian cancer…gosh, I am such a bore!

But hell, life is good! I have lots of freelance work, I have a home – I have a wonderful husband. I am strong enough now to do work of any kind. And I am grateful for that.

This is one of the most enjoyable pieces of work I did this week. This woman has raised £30000 this last year -  have you thought about doing some serious fund raising events? They are very satisfying. It takes tons of planning and nagging and running around. One of my friends raised £8000 in one night with a dinner and auction event. Try it!



  1. I say be as selfish as you need to be. I watched my beloved sister in law battle her ovarian cancer for 8 years like a Samurai Warrior. She went for the gusto until she couldn't. When she passed, that was just about the only thing that comforted me: knowing that she filled those years of her life with wonderful things.

    I have actually done a marathon for breast cancer. Each person had to raise funds to participate. It was one of my most personally satisfying athletic events ever!

  2. I'm so sorry about your sister in law - but sounds like she kicked ass :) Congrats on the marathon - I feel faint at the thought!!


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