Tuesday, 15 April 2008

30. the week after chemo [in bits]

Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th April

The two days after chemo where fine. I actually felt better than I had felt since the surgery, I think it was relief, that it hadn’t been as terrifying as I’d thought it would be. Ate my tablets, as instructed, and only felt vaguely ill first thing in the morning. The third day was revolting, as I felt sick until lunchtime, but didn’t take the ‘emergency’ tablet [this is called stubbornness, aka: stupidity] finally took it and some toast and marmite [Marmite! YES!! LOVE it. Tastes so strong it obliterates the horrible taste that occasionally arrives in your mouth – but more about that in a bit] and felt much better almost immediately. It’s not that you feel like you’re going to be sick, and I think [in my case anyway] ‘nausea’ is a misnomer – it’s more like that feeling you have when you are with an upset stomach. A sort of persistent roiling in your tummy, and it makes you exhausted and a bit white round the gills. Far better to take the tablets! Yes, I know – no brainer...

Had a lot of peculiar pains on the 3rd day too – very difficult to decide if they are from the surgery, the chemo or the menopause. Life is filled with confusion these days. Ignored them.

Friday night I decided I would clean the floor in my office, as I felt as if I was being ruled by my belly. Plus the floor was getting nice and dusty. Hideous! Time to get a little control back here I think! It’s a teeny weeny floor, about 2m x 3m. Nothing radical. Got Aj to bring the vacuum down for me, and used the hand held thingy to slurp up the dust and stuff, so no shoving a machine around, then quartered the floor and cleaned it bit by bit. You have to get on your hands and knees with a rag for this floor, as it’s tile, and needs cleaning properly. Got it all done, felt shattered, but I was really pleased, as I had achieved something. BAD idea...spent the night awake with stabbing pains in my stomach. Apparently the nerves complain rather a lot when they are growing back, and I obviously gave them a reason to ‘Be Serious’. Grr. Next day I had to take a pain killer. Sorted. But irritating, as I now ‘Know My Limits’. Pitiful.

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