Thursday, 17 April 2008

33. 9th day after chemo – the Taxol starts to bite

Thursday 17th April

All good fun, this is. Last night I thought I was feeling a bit peculiar, and I was correct. I had an itchy side, and noticed that as well as being itchy, it was bumpy! Aaargh. Upon closer inspection [which is complicated in our house at night, as we don’t seem to have ANY bright lighting] it materialized that I had a rash all over my tummy, sides and the top of my legs. Great. A billion little red dots, itching away like the Parsee’s crumbs...

Rang the ward at 22.00 pm, and discussed it with a nurse, who said don’t worry but call the chemo ward tomorrow; so I decided that as I was already worried, I’d have a bath, a glass of wine and then stop. Did the temperature taking thing just to be sure and went to sleep, quite expecting to wake up looking like a currant bun.

Woke up reasonably normal. Phew. Still dotty mind you, so I rang the chemo ward this morning and the same advice from the specialist, as it hasn’t got worse, just itchier, just get some over the counter Piriton, as that should help the rash and also the sinus problem I’ve been having. Apparently both are symptoms of the Taxol and both can be helped by an antihistamine. It’s the same stuff they poured merrily into my arm before the chemo. Perhaps it’s run out? Who knows? Anyway, Andrew will be getting me some on his way home, or I shall end up like Kipling’s Rhinoceros, ‘very angry indeed and horribly scratchy’...

Apart from a stuffed up head & itching nose, feeling ok! Yay!

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