Tuesday, 15 April 2008

31. the week after chemo [next bit]

Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th April

Woke up on Saturday still feeling like hell had arrived in my stomach [and my foot]. Another pain killer – these that I have a rather good. The directions say to take 2 every 3 hours – I am taking 1 a day IF I need one, and they work. Brilliant – I always worry about pain killers – as I have an addictive personality, but I think 1 out of the prescribed 6 or 8 is probably nothing to be worrying about, plus they are a sort of ‘chill out’ pill. Not sure if they are supposed to, but they make me feel quite calm. Always good, especially for us girls that have been chucked head first, sans advice, into the menopause! Actually I think it’s rather rude of them – “hello, here’s the menopause, you may go home, and NO we won’t tell you anything useful at all...”

So, Saturday was a bit complicated, and I went back to bed twice. Meant to have a quick 1 hour sleep at lunchtime, but woke up 3 hours later – felt better though, so I suppose it was a good idea. Haven’t QUITE got my head around having a nap in the daytime though – probably ought to spend a few weeks in Spain. That’d get me acclimatised to the idea of a ‘siesta’ and stop me having a guilty conscience. Watch out Ricardo! You never know who might arrive at your door! ;o]

Anyway, getting carried away here...quite a bit of pain going on. Not sure if it’s the chemo or not, but as Tracey W [my Useful Been There Bought The T-shirt Woman] said, they are stuffing one full of poison, so the body is bound to revolt at some point. And mine is revolting. That’s for sure. Strangest pain was in my foot for Pete’s sake. Watching TV and the next thing it felt like someone had grabbed my ankle and was trying to rip it off. Lovely. I don’t notice anyone warning you about this kind of thing. “Beware, you will feel as if you are being eaten by a shark. Foot first.”. Hmm – I suppose panic might ensue. But then again, panic does ensue, as you wonder what the hell is going on and why. So, again, ignored it. Bent it about a few times and after a while it went away. Good.

Sunday was excellent – woke up feeling like a normal person [is there such a thing?], and had a great day as Mum and Dad visited and we had a brilliant brunch. Mum very sensibly brought wine and cigarettes – what a star! How can anyone be in a bad mood with such offerings on the table heh heh. Dad off to Saudi on Tuesday, so it was nice to see him before he toddled off into the sandy wastes. Business class. With cutlery. Apparently [in the minds of security people] if you are business class, you are not so likely to stab the crew if they give you a set of cutlery. Hmm. He got 40 kilos of luggage allowance!! I am so green...

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  1. Ey up chuck.. right as you were so bossy to me i thought i'd better register on here so i can pass comment ;)

    Regarding your pain in your foot.... when i had pain it was in my right shoulder, i couldn't get comfy no matter where i put it.. I was kept awake all night so i know the type of pain your meaning..

    Your doing really well and i'm proud of you.. 1 down 5 to go then its our meet up yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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