Friday, 23 May 2008

3 days later and still grumbling a bit...

Friday 23rd May

Although it’s three days after the chemo, I am still feeling a bit nauseated by most things and pretty cross for some reason – my mouth tastes like I’ve been busy siphoning petrol for a week, I can’t stand wine and most food tastes dreadful. Usually Andrew will make me a poached egg on toast for breakfast [this is always a treat even though he’s been doing it for years!], and the very thought of it turns my stomach. Yuck – egg...NOOOO!

The weather is colluding and has gone totally rubbish just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend, and some fool tried to blow up the shopping centre in Exeter.

But one thing I forgot to mention about the last session was the result of my CA 125 test, which is now down to 9! Fantastic, still only an ‘indicator’ that things are going well, but even so, it’s a nice positive thought that the chemo is working. My bloods were ok too, and my kidneys appear to be keeping up the good work despite all this abuse. I must be drinking more water than I ever have in my life, so that may be helping.

Date: CA-125
28/02/08 1149 [before the initial surgery]
25/03/08 161 [before the first session of chemo]
24/04/08 30 [before the 2nd session of chemo]

19/05/08 09 [before this 3rd session of chemo]

Yesterday I was exhausted and just propped myself up in front of the pc minding my own business working away, and even the phone seemed a bit too heavy to lift up and as for speaking into it? Well, no thanks.

I am now living on ice lollies [marvellous – they freeze your mouth so you can’t taste ANYTHING] and Lucosade – dreadful fizzy stuff, but also another thing that seems to obliterate chemo mouth. Have actually managed to get some sleep mind you, so it’s not all bad. A bit of gardening over the weekend will help – always good to do something that doesn’t involve sitting down!


  1. I found that drinking water with a little lemon in it helped my mouth a bit. For a few days after chemo, I would eat apples almost exclusively! They tasted fine to me.


    Hang in there!

  2. by the way Nat, see my friend [met through her blog. I am like you, looking for survivors] Em's blog:

    She is a real inspiration!


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