Tuesday, 13 May 2008

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Tuesday 13th May

I forgot to mention the ‘Grand Episode’ on Saturday – Andrew came home a bit early, and we decided to go for a walk to the Quay – he drove us down to the parking spot on the way, then we walked along the canal to the Port Royal pub. This is the longest walk I’ve done since the operation, and I was a bit worried to say the least. I’ve been doing those things where you lift your feet a bit and hold while you lie on your back, and it seems like even that is a bit strenuous, as my left thigh muscle decided it would go on strike [grr – what IS it with body parts that deliberately won’t get with the program?]. Anyway, I really want to get back on the bike by the summer, so we decided it wasn’t too far, and off we went. Gotta start somewhere.

Hmm – Exeter Council – hello? Never thought about the fact that a long, bare exposed path might be enhanced by the addition of a few benches here and there? It’s amazing how having problems walking yourself opens your eyes to how other people have to manage. Usually we go racing down that path like two bats out of hell, on our trusty bikes no sweat! BUT, walking along there was a slight nightmare, as there’s absolutely nowhere to park your butt once the little leggies get bored. So what about all those elderly people who would like to stroll down there? I think it must be quite daunting, as it’s a fair old way and I can’t imagine that a lot of people want to sit down on the grass verge, at the risk of not being able to get up again! Plus, a nice damp seat to be going on with. BAD planning as usual – I have a distinct impression that our council is populated by people who see no further than the end of their noses [A] and their account sheets [B]. We have superbly linked cycle paths in gorgeous surroundings, but all flat black tar, straight lines and absolutely no imagination / landscaping involved whatsoever. Grumble grumble.

Managed to get there, rest for awhile, then go further along to the actual Quay where they have opened a bijou little coffee shop which is rather jolly. We ignored it in favour of totally medicinal wine. Andrew not much of that, as he had to drive us home afterwards! Stopped there for a while, and then trundled back again, with a stop in the buttercups for a little rest. I was absolutely shattered afterward. But at least I made it.

Still a long way to go though before I will have the stamina I had before – I suppose the chemo doesn’t help. It’s confusing having to try to get back to ‘normal’ fitness levels whilst at the same time feeling like you should get lots of rest [and needing it unavoidably on occasions]. The two are mutually exclusive really. Perhaps walking in ones sleep is the answer??

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