Monday, 12 May 2008

fun with the suppurating scar

Monday 12th May

aaargh! what fun today!! I am coming undone it seems...

So, today’s interesting but stupid event. Ages ago I tootled up to see the nurse at the GP's about my wound, as I am a really fast healer, but the very bottom of it wouldn't heal. I told her I thought there must be a stitch or something causing the problem. But she said, "no no, it's normal, go away." Duly went away – hmm, in hindsight, that was stupid, as I KNEW something was wrong.

Well, it turns out I was correct, because it's been going all septic and gross, so I've been lobbing loads of iodine on it, to no avail. All red, and pus everywhere - yaargh! Plus it's been painful, which is not normal.

Today I decided to attack it after having a bath, and guess what should I find?? The bit of ‘whatever’ that I thought was a raised ridge of skin, was a stitch, coming out of me, then going back in again. grr. I managed to pull out the one end, then I thought: No worries, I'll just pull it all out. Hmm - then again, perhaps not!

Oh dear...pulled it quite a lot [and I had to pull it HARD – makes you sweat a bit I’ll tell you!], until I realised that it was actually pulling the back of the scar about 1cm up from where I was pulling! Repulsive – feels very odd. Now I had about 20mm of 25 pound fishing line hanging out of me!! Merde! So I decided that pulling it any harder might result in some kind of eruption, and called my GP. He called me back and decided I better not yank it out, as it sounds like it's attached to something [er - my insides??]. So tomorrow I am off to see the nurse and she better sort it or I shall bash her.

What fun eh? A scar from navel to pubic bone, and I still have MORE dramas? heh heh - never ending entertainment!

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