Saturday, 3 May 2008

Chemo: session II.

Tuesday 29th April

This week has been a trial and a half – lots of things to do, and not much energy. But saying that, the chemo session on Tuesday actually went a little faster this time, even including a visit with Dr Hong. So that was good, as it’s pretty depressing being in there. The nurses and Force ladies are great, but that’s not the point really – it all reminds you of what’s really going on, and I’m not that partial to thinking about it that deeply if I can avoid it.

Had less pain in my arm, and didn’t need the heated blanket to get through the Paclitaxel this time. Maybe my veins have decided to join forces with me after all? So, chemo done and dusted I trundled down to the Force little house to cadge a coffee while I waited for Aj to arrive. Such a cheerful lot down there, and no mincing words – “Hello, see you’ve been having that a wig? Really? Excellent wig! Anyway, have a cup of tea, and what about that restaurant etc” – walking about with a bloody great bandage on the back of your hand is a clue – must remember to take it off next time! A nice place to wait, and a good way to cut off from the chemo.

While I was there I asked for my blood levels, and of course the one that hadn’t come in was the only one I was really interested in, the CA-125 [the protein in your blood that is sometimes produced by ovarian cancer cells]. So I called back the next day and was amazed and chuffed to find that they’ve dropped right down. The norm is 0 – 35. Mine started at 1149, and they are now at 30!! Whoo hoo.

Date: CA-125
28/02/08 1149 [before the initial surgery]
25/03/08 161 [before the first session of chemo]
24/04/08 30 [before the 2nd session of chemo]

I asked the nurse on the phone if she was sure, as I was so startled! Apparently these levels can rise through unconnected things, and they may rise if the chemo discovers and ‘breaks up’ any cancer, as the cells then obviously travel through your blood and the levels go up. But saying that, Dr Hong again reiterated how ‘clean’ the surgery had been, so I am hoping they’ll just carry on dropping. Might be worth being bald after all if it's actually working!

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