Wednesday, 25 June 2008

cycling!! RESULT!

Wednesday 25th June

Whee! This evening I decided to try the bike – I’ve been very nervous of cycling since the surgery [I am now 3 months in – surgery was 3rd March]. I thought I might be in agony just jumping on the seat – well, I wasn’t, and it was great! We cycled to the Double Locks which is about a mile and a half, then stayed a few hours and cycled home. I am so chuffed I managed it, as I thought I would have to stop and rest as I am so tired all the time – but I didn’t. Aj gave me a handy push up the big hill on the way and I made it apart from that. RESULT!!

I am shattered, but I am really pleased, as I have been exhausted again today, but the exercise has definitely helped – the problem is just getting into that mind set – 'you MUST do this' – chemo makes your mind say; ‘NO! just don’t do anything!’. Bah – I need to do this, and I have – cool!

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