Thursday, 30 October 2008

confused dot com??

Tuesday 28th October

So, I am confused. Nothing new there you say. But this is quite aggravating, and I was sure I must be wrong, so I have been checking it out on the internet, and I am right. Surprise surprise!

In the UK, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is in March. Right? [not so you’d notice mind you – I thought it was in September]. In the States it’s in September. HOW CAN IT BE IN DIFFERENT MONTHS?!! This is so stupid. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is THE SAME MONTH all across the world. Because as well as being an 'Awareness' month and a fund raising effort - it is also a show of solidarity amongst all women who have or have had breast cancer, everywhere. Not just here. Or there. Everywhere.

Why are we OC girls so disorganised? I am sure they don’t remove our brains when they remove our cancer, so how is it that women in one country are having a different Ovarian Cancer Awareness month than women in another? Who thought THAT idiotic scheme up? Is this foolish or is it just me? Anyway I intend to find out.

In addition, March in the UK is usually freezing cold, so another good reason NOT to have it in that month - September is still reasonable weather over here, so you can still get outside to do runs, walks etc. In March? Ha. Although I suppose we could raise Awareness with massive teal woolly jumpers, thermal underwear and fluffy hats. Not that my complaining is going to change anything, but just felt like having a good moan.

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