Monday, 27 October 2008

lunchtime ramblings...

Monday 27th October

Today I had masses of stuffed pasta with loads of Parmigiano-Reggiano and pesto on top for lunch - which brought me to the unfortunate conclusion that pesto gives me hot flashes. Hmm. Well, I'm not going to NOT eat pesto - so I shall have to eat it with my head stuck out the window. So I probably shan't be eating it in restaurants.

So that's now red wine, pesto, vinegar, tomato sauce and stressing out [or getting cross] that all give me flashes. Initially I also got terrible ones after having a hot bath, now I don’t - odd. Good. They have definitely lessened in occurrence since the chemo ended. I am taking Oil of Evening Primrose, so that might be helping - who knows? I'm just happy not to wake up every single hour in the night feeling like I'm in a sauna...


  1. I know that caffeine increases mine, but I am certainly not giving up coffee! :)

    Your lunch sounds delicious....

  2. OMG!! the thought of giving up coffee is enough to bring on a major flash! no way Jose!! I've been thinking about you all day, and I am just so chuffed for you!

    Yep - lunch was scrum! :o)

  3. I had Karaoke at my party and I've now added that to the list, who knew!!


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