Saturday, 25 October 2008

yet another bash at the Teal Ribbon

Saturday 25th October

I’ve been promising to send a new version of the ribbon to Kia for ages now, so I decided as today is another miserable grey day, Jones is at work so I might attack it and get it sorted. The dithering designer...

I have come to the conclusion that the 'ribbon' isn't the most important bit when you're making an image for print or screen - the WORDS are. And the colour. We want to get the news of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the TEAL out there. Although I really don't want to see teal food thank you! I sometimes wonder if the girls who are involved in the Breast Cancer Campaigns are just more energetic than us, or if it’s because so few people seem to know about OC that we are so behind in getting in people’s faces. Because no matter how much one might dislike being bombarded with ‘pink’ things, you can’t argue with the result. Yes, pink everything on everything everywhere is a bit aggravating, BUT we ALL know about breast cancer.

Well, best get cracking if we want anyone to actually notice that is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in March - if I hadn’t had the beastly thing myself I would never have noticed! Sad state of affairs.

But, getting back to the point, in my opinion the actual ribbon is only important when it's a pin on thing. And Ovacome have a rather spiffy enamel one for sale now - we better get one, as it saves us having little ribbons and safety pins falling to bits in the washing machine [which is what happens to ours...]

So, here's the next version - comments please girls. The version I posted first appeared lime green somehow! So if it's a funny colour, let me know? It "should" be teal and a good solid pink. Posting it again next!

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