Saturday, 25 October 2008

what did YOU do at lunchtime??

Wednesday 22nd October

Today was good fun. I amuse myself so much that I don’t need TV for entertainment! Firstly, I coloured my hair at lunchtime. Amazing - the colour takes ten minutes - so why is it that when I go to the hairdressers it takes an hour?? Or more? Slap it on, rinse it off - Bob's your Uncle. Although I admit I got the blasted stuff everywhere - AND it looked like it was going red so I nearly had a heart attack [you must do this - very amusing watching ones hair turn various shades – hello hot flash and startled face!]. I finally got it off the taps, basin, walls, bath and my ears and I now have a rather respectable dark blonde/brown effect - and without spending a fortune at the hairdressers. I shall get Aj to take a new pic on the weekend. It's becoming rather fun now that it's getting thicker.

Secondly, ages ago I sent an email to the company that makes the GlucOsamine and Chondroitin tablets that I take for my joints. There was a competition for the best 'Love Letter' about their product, to win a bottle of champers. Can’t be bad – it’s alcoholic! So I sent a mail saying I use it because surgery / sudden menopause / chemo joint pain blah blah...[and it has helped me actually]. Anyway, they just mailed me asking:

A: for my address so they can post me some for free [as it's a tenner a box, that's FAB and a kind thing to do], and
B: asking if a 'health journalist' could interview me??

What's a 'Health Journalist' when it's at home?

AND [yes I will get there eventually] I have been paid at last - what a fun day!!!

The other thing I was beavering away at in my teeny head was how fast is my hair growing? This seems a sort of insane thing to try and work out doesn’t it? But for people reading this that are having chemo, it's one of the things you want to know most. How fast will my hair grow back? And everyone's different, but this is a sort of gauge at any rate. So. The last chemo was on the Tue 22 July, and not counting the 3 weeks directly afterward [as they are still the chemo cycle, and nothing starts working properly until after the last week] it will be 11 weeks on 27 October since I started to 'get back to normal'. As in feeling better, having more energy, looking a bit better.

My hair is now about 1cm long on the top. I think it’s growing about 2 millimetres a week, as it didn’t start to grow until after I had been over to work in Portugal for that week – and that trip was a short 5 weeks after the end of the chemo. So in about 6 weeks my hair has grown over a centimetre! Because I have coloured it, it looks longer as well – I reckon I am about 2 months away from Posh’s fab Pixie cut - and I have it for free! Poor old Posh had to pay a fortune...

Saying that, my 'new look' is currently a bit of a nightmare - if anyone actually cut my hair like this I would do unspeakable things to them - but as it's hair and better than none, I love it. Makes me laugh every morning, and I still can't believe that after 35 years of having long hair I have less hair now than when I was 2. The problem is that it is shorter on the sides than the top. The sides are growing flat against my head. Good, no problem. But the top is growing straight upward! whaahahaha - I look like Grace Jones when she did that video where the car drove into her mouth - I have a flat top! AND nothing but nothing [well maybe staples!] will keep it flat or spike it - my hair is so thick, it will not do anything except stick up! So, for the photo, I may iron my head first :o)

See the very end of the video – it’s my hair!

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