Tuesday, 21 October 2008

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Tuesday 21st October

These last two weeks have been really great for me, apart from a few worrisome blips for some of my friends. My Em has been having some idiotic things going on, Tracey has been having the week from Hell, and Clarinha has been having all sorts of horrible painful tests. Thankfully the doctors eventually discovered what is wrong with Clara – much to our relief, it’s a manageable complaint, even though it’s not very nice, and she will now be treated and start to recover.

But as with everything apart from a cold or a headache, recovery takes a long time and requires patience [yes!! colds and headaches DO NOT count as being ill!! well, well...]. A difficult one when you are trying to hold down a full time job with travelling involved, and a home to clean and keep up, plus all the other everyday responsibilities. In the UK we personally can’t afford to have 'help' in, as most people here can’t. Oh the thought of some kind woman arriving and doing all the cleaning, shopping, cooking - imagine!! That would be amazing. Isn’t it astonishing what we can all manage - if one were asked in advance to do it, one would probably run away screaming! The trials and tribulations of being alive no? Oh, and NO skydiving for me thank you very much! I have enough trouble getting up hills – falling out of an aeroplane? Shriek!! Go Nat go!

So, this week;...obviously last week we had our ‘Great News’. And this week was Andrew’s birthday. And Mum’s birthday on the same day! Typically I bought her a lovely card which didn’t arrive! grr - beastly post. The one thing you want to get there and it doesn’t? Bah! Sorry babe. At least it arrived eventually...

Anyway, I just HAD to celebrate – broke or not [I haven’t been paid this month so far! super...NOT.] God I just hate being a freelancer sometimes – it seems so easy for people to treat you like dirt. Anyway, I really needed to do something nice for Aj. He has done so many nice things for me this year [without even realising it], and I wanted to celebrate. Celebrate Andrew’s birthday, celebrate my remission, celebrate just being here and being happy about it. So, our new 'local' has rooms. And I booked one! Madness, as it’s only a few miles from home, but it was such fun! We sat in front of a lovely fire all evening, just nattering away, drinking wine, reading the newspaper and generally slothing out. I realise that this is not ‘usual’. We have been married now for eight years [and known one another for over ten] – by this time shouldn’t we be bored with one another’s company? Well, we’re not. We can sit and waffle on with the best of them – and this means so much to me. It’s like being out with my best friend – in fact, it IS being out with my best friend. Anyway, the next morning we leapt up and had a fabulous cooked brekkie in the pub, then shot off at 8.00 to get to work – it was an excellent way to break up the week – it felt like we’d been on holiday, even though it was just one night away, and just up the road. See here for the pub: poachers inn

Saturday I went to see my ‘English’ hairdresser [ee – I have two! One here and one in Portugal and luckily, both of them are darlings] for some advice on colour. I really can’t be doing with running around looking like a piebald pony any more. It’s gross. Plus my hair has gotten all excited with itself, and is now growing in twenty different directions at once. Interesting!! It was good to get professional advice, and I am now the proud owner of a packet of proper hair colour. Jenny [hairdresser] insisted TWENTY times that I do a patch test [normally I wouldn’t] so I now have an interesting yellow circle behind my ear. Probably a good idea, as the ‘biologically friendly’ colour I used last week was totally useless and I need permanent colour. Have to wait 48 hours to be sure I don’t react to it. We will see what happens, but I am not too worried, as Jenny said to just race in there if I have a catastrophe...

The main thing on my mind though is Emmers results – but that will be resolved this week. yay!

wondering about: adhesions [eh?]
asking about: HE4
thinking about: what actually kills you in the end? does it or doesn't it? making a will on friday, so worth thinking about? or not??

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