Sunday, 21 December 2008

and what else? oh yes...the busy day

Thursday 18th December

Today I had a photographer from the Express & Echo round, as yesterday I was interviewed over the phone by a reporter called Katy. She initially called me on Wednesday, but called yesterday to check some details, which was rather nice, as it would be awful if she got things wrong - it could be VERY distressing for some women reading it, not to mention for me. Statistics in particular - although personally, I don’t give a monkies for them, as they are a generalization, and I am not intending to become a 'statistic' - why would I?

Anyway. The photographer was lovely - he was so friendly and made me feel pretty comfortable [as much as you can be, having your pic taken when you feel like an ugly duckling] - we did some 'posing' garden things and some "lets chuck those leaves in the air" things…so at least I got the driveway clear of leaves at the same time. The edition seems to be coming out on the 5th January, but I will check that nearer the time. it’s the "Echo for Women" edition, so I am hoping lots of women will read it and realize that ovarian cancer exists and oh yes! It can attack anyone. Please! Read – take it in – remember.

The other thing was a load of logs. We decided that over Christmas, as we’re going to be home, it’d be nice to have a fire in the wood burner all the time. So we ordered some logs - so when Aj got home we had to move them from the driveway where I'd helped the chap drop them, into the back garden. Uff!! I enjoyed that, as a while ago I wouldn’t have been able to do it, but this evening I hauled logs and it was great - I am now Officially Shattered!


  1. So glad you're out there spreading the word and creating so much awareness! Thelives of many women will be saved because of your efforts!!


    P.S. That fire sounds delightful:)

  2. I love the Dr Seuss verse. I'm a big fan of his. It's nice to see you're fighting all this the way you are. Here, between you and me... is there any other way to do it?
    Have a wonderful xmas and a very very happy new year (even without Patricia).

  3. Whew - I am tired just reading about your day! ;)

    The photographer sounds wonderful - when do you get to see the pictures?

  4. Wow that's really cool! We do need more awareness of this disease and what an amazing woman that you are for others to gain strength and inspiration from!
    On another note, I have nominated your blog
    for the Lemonade Award!

    My blog won it and I'm passing it on to you as a way of saying "you have an excellent come and take some time and relax with a refreshing glass of lemonade!"


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