Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Tuesday 9th December

Nat! I have been trying out the eyebrow pencil - it does actually work rather well! So I am having a word with the eyelashes, as it would be useful if they could stop dropping out right about now. I had one run in with false eyelashes, and it was a disaster, so them remaining ON my eyes would be good.

Today I have had some more email to do with the Facebook contest - well, from the PR company who are organising everything [I think!]. It gets more nerve wracking!!

The gist of it being that they'd like to speak with the media where I live to encourage votes for my submission through stories in the press. Apparently this would entail them speaking to reporters in our area to tell them about my story and the Facebook for Good competition, and then they will probably want to interview me to get my thoughts first hand. They’re going to start speaking with local papers and radio today. If they do want to interview me, it's likely that they would want to do it over the phone [or maybe in the studio if it's radio, but they’re often happy to do it over the phone as well]. For any interview, they won’t need more than about twenty minutes of my time. It seems that any potential interviews would happen either this week or early next week.

What am I going to say? I know I have plenty to say on here, but writing and speaking are totally different. I could write a book, no stress, but speak to people? Oops - I’ve always been bad at that, usually babbling away idiotically from nerves. Oh well, we’ll have to see what happens - they might think the whole things a completely tedious idea. No one has been shot or blown up after all!

Hmm - must ring Force and see if they have any advice. I will keep you posted as to what occurs - it's fun anyway if nothing else, and publicity for Ovarian Cancer, thanks to Facebook , would be very good.

And thanks again all you people who have voted for me - I think it's a difficult choice when you read the other stories, so I am really pleased!


  1. You'll be fine Sandhy... write everything down that you want to say, and just be you.

    Your great with words, even if they baffle me at times hehehe

  2. you should start one of these - all the unbelievable things that happen to you and the way you cope is amazing.

    baffle? nah - that's just the funny accent ;o)


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