Monday, 8 December 2008

Here we go...insert your own expletive - again!!

Monday 8th December

Ok, that's enough of the cheery stuff. Back to bitching again! Right - where was I? I am not very happy today. But I’ll get to that in a minute. We had a super weekend - my brother and his wife arrived Saturday for the night, and I spent the morning cleaning the house. It was great, as most days I have almost forgotten I've been on chemo and I was racing about like a mad woman. The tiredness / fatigue crap doesn't happen so often now. Although last week I was exhausted most days for some reason, and it came to a head on Thursday when I just couldn’t any more. Went to bed at lunchtime as in days of yore which felt like a bit of a set back...but the weekend brought lots of energy with it, so I was really pleased.

We had a lovely family lunch on Sunday to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday. I even managed to organise it, and that was an achievement in itself with the chemo brain still making itself felt. But thanks to the trusty pc and a million reminders in Outlook and on my mobile phone, I remembered [albeit at the last minute] to order the meals for everyone, and even get a card for Dad! So it all went off well - the pub we went to was fantastic, and it was super to see everyone. And most importantly, Dad enjoyed it. We trundled home as fat as ticks and collapsed by the fire. That nice Sunday afternoon tiredness where you know you’ve had a nice time. Not that stupid chemo tiredness where you feel as if you’ve been belted with a sledgehammer and your feet are coated in cement.

THEN...tadaah! Disaster - I went to take off my make up and magically removed half my eyelashes! It absolutely does not say that on the bottle! Plus I noticed that actually, my eyebrows are also doing a disappearing act. Here's where the expletive comes in. Twice. Loudly!! Grr. Jumped onto Google to see if it's normal [even though one of my friends has had the same thing, I needed to check] and apparently it’s known as "recurring alopecia areata" [partial loss of hair to normal people who speak English] and occurs mainly with the eyebrows and eyelashes. And it can carry on RECCURING for up to FIVE years after the chemo! Hence my miserable face today.

Better learn how to pencil in the eyebrows after all...bah and humbug.

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  1. Oh that stinks. I am so sorry :(
    My eyebrows never came totally and fully back - so I fill them in sometimes. Eye pencils can really look good and 'finish' your face. Still, I know that you shouldn't have to do that at this point...

    BIG HUGS!!!


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