Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Here is the initial FB for Good Story for those of you who aren't on Facebook

new hair after chemo! hooray!

laughing as usual! something to do with my head looking like a tennis ball...and so happy to have even this little bit of hair after it all fell out due to chemo. This photo went all round the world, much to everyone's hilarity!

A few weeks later

more hair already! someone asked if I was standing in a grow bag? a little more dignified in this photo don't you think?

the best thing since sliced bread!

I joined FB to try to get in touch with old school friends. I did, and just in the nick of time [for me anyway!]. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage 3B this year, and the ability to communicate with people worldwide whilst I have been ill has kept me sane. I even had the laptop by my bed for a while! If I felt low there was someone there to either throw something at me, play some game with or just have a chatter with on the message bit. I never felt lonely, even though I have been at home by myself most of the time.

Throughout surgery, chemotherapy, losing my hair and sometimes almost losing my mind, as well as the support of family and friends, I have had the support of friends I haven’t seen for years, and others whom I haven’t seen at ALL but met through FB ovarian cancer groups. Without FB I wouldn’t have met those people, or found the support groups, and couldn’t have coped so well.

These friends, old and new, made me chuckle every day - it's been invaluable to me. I am now in remission, and I can be supportive of other people in the same way, using the same tools. Great!!

It wasn’t a very funny year, but I'm still laughing because of this mine of good fellowship and information that I discovered here. Best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned!

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  1. Hello Sandhy. Why did I not even see your blog before? You have been so kind to me offering encouragement and a smile. I clicked on your name today and I see we are in the same boat! You are so funny (and brave.) When did you have your surgery? And what exactly is being considered for the FB contest? I am so excited for you. You might like the title of my book that I am thinking about writing - Cancer. No Laughing Matter (But it helps!) Meanwhile I have another few irons in the fire. But, maybe if I get around to writing this book, I will ask for some input from you! Hugs from chilly Ontario, Canada!

  2. hey Glynis! Why can't I follow your blog? And I'd title my book - 'Cancer - A Laughing Matter' heh heh - what else can we do? No point running about being serious is there? Good for you - writing a book - I am seriously considering doing the same - there can't be too many books about this - so many people have cancer and everyone benefits from sharing.

    Try to sort out the 'following' thing? Ta!


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