Tuesday, 20 January 2009

things to be cheerful about; part 02

Tuesday 20th January

And there’s more! What a fab day today for all my American friends - all going wild with delight about Obama. I am so pleased for them. Lets hope he can cope with all the chaos he has landed in - rather him than me. And I am still really buzzed this week too. Frankfurt went far, far better than I expected. I was very worried, as the exhibition we went to is MASSIVE. Lots of halls. Tons of walking and looking and trying to absorb things.

But not to worry! The friend I was with [oh yes, it was the Style Queen again] is a diabetic. It's the first time in my life I've ever had cause to be grateful that someone else has a complication that is outside the norms. I know that sounds weird, but it means there is a greater understanding if one feels tired etc. So, we stormed around the exhibition like two crazy women, and managed to survive until lunch time - then I had a fatigue attack. Very handy, as we sat and had lunch and that was time enough for me to get my act together. At the same time, SQ had a bad moment too, so we were in simpatico. So we ate a semblance of a healthy lunch, then off we went again. Exhausting to say the least, even when you are perfectly fit and healthy...and we managed! Woop woop! And Wednesday evening we were referred to a wonderful Italian restaurant, Paulos [by a cheeky Irish barman], where we had a superb celebratory dinner [my 2nd in one week!]. Paulos nicely combines old-world German architecture with a modern Art Deco look, and it provides a fantastic view of the Main. The waiter ran about in the street after dinner to get us a taxi - brilliant.

The next day we attended a couple of lectures at Heimtextil, and then we were off again - travelling is NOT what it’s cracked up to be, but this wasn’t too bad as I flew into Bristol, which is only an hour and a half drive home. So I arrived at about 7.30pm.

Saturday was more circuit training - Sunday I could hardly walk [exercise is not my forté!], so we walked to the Quay and then to town and had a few glasses of wine. Then walked home again. Hmm - my celebrations never end! Monday, more circuit, then today off to Slimming World, and YAY I had lost 2 and ½ pounds! Only 13 and a ½ to go...eek. Tomorrow, more circuit, as I intend to try to go three times a week - fitness helps to fight off recurrence apparently, so I am there. Plus being overweight is also proved to be an additional risk with regard to OC, so must get those pounds off. And I will. Menopause or no menopause!

Thursday is going to be horrible - I have to get my hair cut. I don’t want to have it cut, so I am dreading it. But, at the moment I rather resemble an inverted scrubbing brush, so I need to do something about it - a hair 'style' would be nice. We will see - I shall post photos if A: I kill the hairdresser, and B: it looks ok!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time Sandhy... I love Germany especially The Rhine Valley, wonderful area.

    You'll be fine tomorrow, knowing you you'll decide on a mohican or something bizarre. i look forward to the piccies xx


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