Tuesday, 6 January 2009

yesterdays newspaper article

Tuesday 6th January

Here's the article that appeared in the Express & Echo yesterday. I was horrified at how I look in the photo [about 100!] but I was pleased with the article, as there’s only one slight misquote, as I wasn't given two NHS wigs, I was given one, and bought the other one myself just in case - in case of what I'm not quite sure! :o) But maybe that was me, not explaining properly.

There is more info on the symptoms, as a separate box in the actual newspaper, and she did quite well I think. Yippee - more publicity for Ovarian Cancer ! So, who can I attack next...


  1. Yerrrrrr.. where's next? the Times? Telegraph? go for it girl.. hey how about This Morning with Fern and Phil... thats always a good one :) xx

  2. hi Sandhy

    thank you for your comment on my calendar, yes it was indeed a lot of work :D

    Coincidentally I read your newspaper article earlier today as Tracey up there posted it as a Facebook link

    "Thinking about the cancerous growth inside her made Sandhy feel nervous." understatement of the century I expect!!

    keep up the good work spreading the word, and all the best to both you and T for continued good health

  3. cheers sarah - I love the calendar - and nervous wasn't quite what I said - I said it made me feel as if I were in that film 'Aliens' and I expected it to bite it's way out at any moment! Probably not publishable...

    Tracey is an inspiration - love her!!

  4. Congrats Sandhy!! Wonderful article!


  5. Fantastic, Sandhy. What an encouragement you are. That was a super article. And know that I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers as you prepare PMS (that's physicall, mentally and spiritually!) for your check-up. Keep us posted. Chin up. Hugs from Canada! xx


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