Monday, 14 September 2009

awake at last!

Sunday 13th September

Aj went to bed at 8.30 last night, and I wasn't far behind. But we woke up feeling MUCH better, apart from The Pain in The Side. Having thought about all this 'sitting about on my butt' maybe affecting it, I decided to get out into the garden and do some Wisteria Hacking.

In 2 weeks, the blessed thing has shot a hundred long arms with the intent of taking over the house, driveway and street. So after our normal Sunday morning brekkie [duly cooked by Aj!] I set about chopping it all back, sweeping the driveway [Leaves. Lots of them. Autumn is certainly messy!] and with Aj's help, bagging the lot up for the tip. Aj wants to set the Wisteria on fire. He and It have an ongoing animosity. He hates It. It grows madly in defiance.

After a couple of hours of marauding about doing garden stuff, I did feel a lot better. The Pain in The Side has gone back to it's normal 'niggle' as averse to a rather loud 'nag'. Good. And it was a glorious day! HOT and sunny.

We took sandwiches and wine and cycled to the quay, where there was major excitement, as the ferry from Exmouth had called in. And there were lots of canoeists, people in row boats, kids doing the 'Titanic' pose on pedalos [hilarious!] and the Man Who Cooks Burgers That Smell Amazing…we had a lovely afternoon just chilling out. The sarnies were good too!

Here's the 'Pride of Exmouth' tied up at Exeter Quay.

ferry from Exmouth

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  1. I'm having vague nudges of discomfort at night in the side, under the right rib. My CA-125 & CT of a month or so ago are "good". So I'm going with the idea of adhesions. But I'm going to sincerely question my Onc about it.

  2. Hey - I am in touch with a whole bunch of other women like us [on Facebook - are you on there?]- a LOT of us have the same pain, same side. So, I am determined it is an adhesion. But I have a scan in November/December, so that'll put my mind at rest.

    Can't wait!

    Saying that, the other girls have all had scans [seems like they scan a lot more in the States] and everyone was fine. That's reasuring!


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