Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the wedding weekend….

well – we went to Wales last weekend. For a wedding. It was the third [and last] wedding of the Welsh Jones girls, Aj's nieces. And [once we got there, past a zillion bollards, two zillion speed cameras and a boat or two] we had a great time.

Here are the bride and groom.


This is the Twmpath!!


The bride leaving the reception


And here we are having breakfast at Verdis in the Mumbles the next day. Perfect weather for al fresco toast and coffee!



  1. Weddings are the best celebration!!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.. xx

  3. Lovely wedding photos. It's so nice to see *someone* happy...


  4. By the way, LIVESTRONG is not a holiday and it's worldwide. That's why you're involved.
    Plus, we can only look at so many wedding pics.

  5. POD, yes yes, I know it's not a holiday - but it should be!! JUST for people who've had cancer! Dunno about wearing yellow though - uff, it makes me look green...the things we have to suffer eh?

    and, no, wedding pics are lovely ;o)

  6. Huh, if only I'd known - I was working in that area (well, Burry Inlet) that week. We could have met up. And I did get a speeding ticket on the way down. Average speed Stockport - Fishguard 37 mph and I still managed to get a speeding ticket, on the 1/2 mile stretch where there wasn't a caravan or horse box in front of me. Hmph

  7. uff! 37 mph?? that's SO tight! at least the trip was worth it! :o)


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