Thursday, 24 September 2009



I just signed the World Cancer Declaration - a major global push to pressure world leaders to act now on cancer.

Right now, Lance Armstrong is riding in the Tour de France and dedicating his ride to this cause. And after the race, he'll send these commitments to world leaders and pressure them to attend the World Cancer Summit in Dublin this August. It's our best chance to push for better treatment, more funding for cancer research and access to care for everyone around the world.
But if people like us don't stand up, these leaders won't pay attention. Will you sign the declaration? It only takes a moment and could make a huge difference: sign HERE.

While we've made tremendous progress in the fight against cancer, we still have a lot of work to do. By 2010 cancer will be the #1 killer in the world, and as you read this message millions are fighting the disease around the globe. We need our world leaders to take action now.
I took this action because I believe this crisis couldn't be more urgent. Will you join me? It only takes a moment. Please sign HERE.

Oh and all ye merry blog followers and friends, could you leave a 'comment' on here if you sign?  It would be fun to see how many signatures I can generate!  Oh, and that bit's free heh heh. THANKS!!


  1. I signed awhile back. Don't forget that Oct 2nd is the official day. Ask all your blogging friends to post the LIVESTRONG graphic to show our growing unity.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. ok! I shall do that, and they are great and I am sure we will have it slapped all over the www.

    Weekend was very interesting and fun. tomorrow boo

  3. Done! Signed. Onward, upward and with a big drum! Great posts. You make me smile! Love you in purple, too.


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