Monday, 14 September 2009

home at last and shattered

Saturday 12 September

well, today we missed my Uncles 60th birthday party – we really wanted to go and had planned it. I even remembered to get a gift!But that was before I arrived 4 hours late from Portugal. 'All the best laid plans' and all that…

I wanted to see my family. I wanted to see Vix and the Small Terrorista. But I was so completely shattered I could barely move. I missed circuit class this morning as well. Too tired to even consider it. Aj was the same. Stressed out and exhausted, as of course he had to wait up for me last night, as I had to drop the hire car at Exeter airport. With no other way to get home than him collecting me. So there was no way either of us would make to 2 hour drive without falling asleep at the wheel. Bad idea.

So, what fun! We had first the car breakdown [that has cost £650.00 to repair - uff], then "no hot water'' scenario [poor Aj having cold showers! ugh!], then the delays getting home. Plus the pain in my stomach. What is that anyway? Grr. It's bothering me. I am wondering if it's all the stress combined with the lack of exercise. Mostly sitting at a pc or walking for 2 weeks. No real exercise to speak of.

One good thing! Bad stuff comes in threes – now we've had three!

The chap from the gas board arrived this morning  - he was here for HOURS and when he left he was apologetic – no hot water until Monday. Parts, you see. Parts?? I feel like 'parts' are taking over my bloody life!! Parts…grr. Car parts, boiler parts…well, I suppose it's better than body parts right?

And of course I am still worrying about The Pain in The Side. Hmm – what to do eh? Actually that IS a body part. Wait until November [I shall likely do this] until I see my gyn/onc? Or freak out right now? Bah. Who am I trying to kid?? Of course I am freaking out right now. But I am doing it very calmly and only occasionally.  ;o) I know very well that IF there is something wrong, waiting a month is not going to make any difference. And I have already been told that my bowel is now going to be sensitive. So what's my problem eh?

Calm, calm..this is our mantra since cancer…hard to follow some days…in the meantime, lots of SLEEP!


  1. Hope you booked to see the Doc today matey xx

  2. Don't worry babe. I have a scan in November/December, so that'll put my mind at rest. I shall wait until then, as the time factor says it will make no difference whatever.

    Can't wait!

    Saying that, the other girls we talk to have all had scans and everyone was fine. That's reassuring!


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