Tuesday, 22 September 2009

laughing and crying

I am still laughing about my friends blog to do with Punkin Farmers…it makes it difficult to concentrate on what I actually came here to blog about. Chuckling into the keyboard is not conducive to sensible thought. Heh heh. And she has beautiful photos too. Check it out. A really witty blog.

So, what was it? Ah yes, first, a report on the Hot Flash Rescue stuff – so far, no change that I have noticed, but to be fair I've only be using it for a few days and rather sporadically at that, as I keep forgetting to 'spray my inner thighs' [!], neck, chest and abdomen. By the time I remember to do all this spraying, I am dressed and all those bits are snuggled into warm clothing [it is now Autumn here – as far as I am concerned, it amounts to the same as winter – i.e.: I am always freezing]. Plus there's the lotion, and I am not sure if I will overdose if I use both? Turn into Ice Chick…the opposite of Hot Flash Chick?

So we will have to await events I'm afraid. I will try to concentrate more on the application! Perhaps I'll just spray it everywhere before I get out of bed in the morning!

Next I wanted you to see this. It really touched me. I don't think I really need to explain why, but I'll explain a bit of the story behind it. This woman, Sam, is amazing. She doesn't think she is, but a lot of we other women do – she climbs mountains and cycles miles and miles. She has a job, and she is on the board of directors for HERA Women's Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that raises funds for ovarian cancer research through a series of rock climbing events. And, best of all, she has beaten cancer twice. Oh, and I LOVE her Dragon tattoo [now buried under hair – yay!]. If I'd thought about it while I had no hair, I'd have copied it for sure. Very powerful.

Sam posted this on Facebook yesterday - I saw it and it made me smile from ear to ear, as I just thought "wow, how cool". Then I thought harder and just burst out crying. That horrible gulping crying - why? I don't know - maybe because I was touched that someone I have never 'met' thought to add me to a list of names that starts with someone I know is VERY important to her. So. Thanks.

sam Facebook Caption: My dream capsule message --"I'm climbing for Sean, Marilyn, Joyce, Beth, Carla, Wendy, Charolette, Tonya, and Sandhy."

And on a lighter note, here is that same crazy person – the tag is: "Hamming it up at C4L" – the tiny person hanging precariously off the mountain [far right] by one hand is Sam! Hamming it up hanging by a thread?? eek!

sam_02 Sam, hope you don't mind me nicking your pics – couldn't help myself!


  1. I hope you shared your wine with other folks otherwise they will be hard-pressed to find the humor that you found. haha
    I appreciate your sense of humor, and the link love met my need for connection and to be heard.
    Love it!

  2. mostly I hardly laugh like that at anything - I don't know why that set me off...but glad it did.

    Have been wondering about linking you for a while, but needed to be sure you were totally mad before I did ;o) Can't link to boring blogs!

    yay for us - we are either funny, or we think we are..same same!

  3. Thanks for sharing those pictures of Sam! She looks great up there! What a wonderful tribute as well :)

  4. I know - amazing.

    Sam looks so tiny - yet she climbs mountains...I love that! :o)

  5. Wow...so inspirational! I created an organization call Laugh at Cancer Org to bring laughter and hope , as well as positivity in to people facing cancer. No one should face cancer alone! Check out out and I will be passing your blog to those i know and following you! My story is on my website laughatcancer.org


  6. what can i say!!

    l'optimiste, your mad, but hey i know that anyway!! POD hiya, i'm going to follow you too as your mad too!!

    Sam.. what a star.. go grillie xx

  7. AAARRRGGGHHH i saw i mis spelt Girlie... sorry *blush* but couldnt stop it sending before i spelt it right..... quick sort it hahaha xx

  8. hm - funny for sure - but funny 'ha ha' or just a bit 'funny' ;o)


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