Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Free House Cleaning for Women in Cancer Treatment


A clean home goes a long way towards transforming our spaces. For people experiencing cancer treatment, cleaning house can simply be too difficult, at a time when a healing environment is critically important. Thankfully there's a non-profit called Cleaning for a Reason...

Cleaning for a Reason is profiled in the current issue of the Angie's List magazine. Women who are currently in treatment for cancer are eligible for up to 4 free house cleaning sessions from a local cleaner. There are over 300 house cleaning businesses across the country that have enlisted to provide this service. For more information about how to qualify for this service, check out the Cleaning for a Reason website here.

And they are always looking to add more cleaning businesses to their ranks so if you hire a cleaning service, let them know about Cleaning for a Reason!

Image: Flickr member The Shopping Sherpa licensed under Creative Commons


  1. I had heard of free housecleaning but I already have free house cleaning cuz there ain't no one paying me to do it.

  2. me too! but I would have LOVED someone to clean my house once or twice during chemo - I had the energy of a potato and hated it. Imagine - what a treat!

  3. Wow, thank you for the kind words, and YES, we need everyone to ask their local maid service if they are a Cleaning For A Reason company! We now have 550 cleaning companies in the program and we need more. Thanks for spreading the word.
    Debbie Sardone
    Cleaning For A Reason

  4. we all think it's great - now we need to see if someone can do it in the UK. Brilliant idea :o)

  5. Yes, we do! We are prepared to train others who want to bring the concept over seas.


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