Saturday, 24 October 2009

off to the GP

well today was great! I toddled off to the GP at 6.00, Aj made me an appointment whilst I was in Portugal, as whilst I was there I had that massive panic attack, crying down the phone to my oncologists secretary. So off I went.

I really love my GP. Being that I am convinced that he saved my life with his speedy typing/phoning thing when I was in crisis last year, well, why wouldn't I?

He's a tad eccentric. Which I like. I am not exactly your average cancer patient, so we make  a good pair. He asks me how I am in a way that really means 'how are you'. He explains everything to me, no matter what I ask, right down to the minutiae. He's a boffin type dude. Love it. No fancy name though [no Le Pew here!] – just Dr Bradley. And he has sort of crazy hair. This helps me trust him. I have crazy hair to.

He has decided I need a flu jab. And a swine flu jab. Hmm. Oh well – can't be worse than the blood draws which I hate, so I am booked in.

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