Saturday, 24 October 2009


Right – booked the bloods while I was malingering at the surgery – and had the flu jab, and I also have to have a 'swine flu jab' – eek! Haven't booked that yet, but no doubt I will. I really feel like a hypochondriac!

I was a tad fraught at the thought, as I understood that these jabs actually inject a bit of the flu virus into you. But apparently that's not so, its an antiviral. Whatever it is, my arm feels like it has been battered with a baseball bat!

I arrived at the surgery 10 minutes before my appointment, expecting it to be late. Ha! the surgery was like a party! Loads of people over 60 all rushing about chatting to one another, a table for the 'Alphington Friends' to sell tea and [OMG] Christmas puds…uff. I think I was the only person under 50 there. I certainly got some odd looks.

Anyway, I was in and out in 2 minutes, stab, blah, bye. Now I just have a sore arm, neck and back – it's a bit like a cholera and typhoid…hurts a lot, gives you a bad arm, but goes away quite quickly. I hope! Every other time I've had a flu jab I've had this, and nothing else, so lets hope it's the same this time!


  1. I've never gotten a flu shot, but I've been giving it some thought...not sure about the swine flu shot, although every kid in FL seems to have had it:(

  2. I had it on the advice of my GP since I had Bells Palsy - and now he thinks I am 'high risk'.

    Prevention is better than cure, so I am going to take advantage. Imagine dying of swine flu after surviving cancer! That'd be a bit ironic - and irritating! ;o)

  3. "just a slight scratch" they say.. yer right!!

    No flu jab or swine flu one either.. i am not worthy hehe xx

  4. yep - I love that 'slight scratch' expression - why don't they just say 'I am going to STAB you in the arm, it's REALLY going to hurt, ho ho ho'. Much more sensible ;o)

    If you want to have it, call your GP. You are.

  5. Too late for the swine flu jab here, unfortunately. Husband's been in bed with it for the past week. Sooo glad it wasn't around while I was going through chemo as it is rampant and nasty. I'm hoping I've avoided the worst but as soon as the cough I'm nurturing disappears I'll be off for the normal flu jab.

  6. No! Your poor husband! Hope he gets better soon. I am off for the SF jab on the 14th Nov I think - one thing after another that week! uff ;o)


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