Sunday, 18 October 2009

the interesting birthday

well, what a busy old life! I am [to quote Nat] a BAD blogger! Which is good. I have been doing a zillion things which I will précis here or bore you all to death.

Firstly, I was working in Portugal – Portugal is a wonderful place to be, lovely people, fabulous beaches, great food, cities to die for, but…CRAP internet! So. No blogging. It just gives me a headache thinking about it. But being there was great, sunny weather [I was actually at the beach, bikini, book and all], lovely food and of course my friends. Oh and a bit of work thrown in [unfortunate that!]

Then home again – the usual midnight flurry of dropping the hire car, Aj collecting me from Exeter Airport, home, sleep blah. The day after I got home was Aj's birthday, plus the Tern TV second interview now that SKY have decided to use me for their Real Lives programme. Tern [Lorraine and Malcolm] arrived at lunch time, and we did a 2 hour interview in our freezing dining room. I shall be blue on the telly. I don't care. If even ONE woman is diagnosed early by seeing this, I shall be delighted.

Then Aj arrived and we went off for lunch at the Poachers. Lorraine did a separate interview with Aj – poor Malcolm had to ask Aj to stop talking, as he became so distressed he was in tears and couldn't film. He said he was imagining what he would do if it were HIS wife. That was sort of reassuring, as it's nice to think we are working with people who actually care a bit. Eventually Malcolm got his head together and carried on filming. In the meantime I ate half the whitebait  hors de oeuvres!

They treated us to lunch and left. We spent the rest of the day chilling out. An interesting birthday for Aj for sure.

The interview:


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