Wednesday, 17 September 2008

check it out!! the best bit....HAAAIR!!!

Wednesday 17th September

ok this is the hair; 6 weeks after the last chemo cycle - not too bad girls! oh, and notice I have eyebrows too! amazing!! the body that attacks you [grr] suddenly gets with the program and grows hair - why doesn't it understand about cancer and kill it eh? ridiculous...but not something we can control. So far.
And yes, I am in stitches here - Jones could NOT get a good pic of me....


  1. You look great!I love your honest smile in here!
    It's very inspiring to see you dealing with all this monkey on your back..
    Believe me I know how a monkey can weight!Even though our diseases are so different, I can defintly relate to the effects of the chemeo.
    One day at a time we'll conquer it all!
    I was really sad for not being home when you were in Portugal (oh, by the way it's Mariana, Clara's sister!), but it felt really good to get your feedback - it is like hearing news from home in a newspaper :)
    And as I told you a while ago, before the surgery, there you were, in Portugal at the sun, drinking your wine with your feet up!
    Well, thanks for being so inspiring and for fighting this so strongly*


  2. thanks Mariana! it was sad that you weren't there, but nice to think of you doing so well in Ireland! Must be all the Guiness? It was lovely to see your family too. They really spoilt me :)


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