Wednesday, 17 September 2008

once I got home...

Wednesday 17th September

yay!! Home again home again jiggety jig... Blimey – I never knew a 10 day trip to last so long. Although everyone was amazing [and I say this with restraint – they were bloody brilliant!! such good mates – eish!!] it was so, so good to see Aj at Bristol airport – it was like my heart was lifted. I knew that I could just be me, exhausted or not, grumpy, happy, slow, fast – whatever; Andrew just deals with me, and I was so relieved to be back and in his capable hands.

The Sunday I got home I literally slept the rest of the day – hello Mrs Boring! But I was totally shattered. We didn’t even look at photo until Monday! This is not normal for us. Anyway, Andrew dealt with everything, and I just acted like a block – well, what?? I felt like a bloody block!!

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