Saturday, 20 September 2008


Friday 19th September

This weekend we have the girls down – my step daughters, Jenny and Vicky, and wee grand daughter, Grace. Oh and poor beleaguered Martin, Jenny’s fiancĂ© [he is very worried about their cat, as its missing – I can understand this totally – my cats were like my children!].

I always stress so much when they are coming [I can’t imagine why, as all they care about is ‘doing stuff’ with Dad]. Run around cleaning the house etc But this time I am far more chilled [for me anyway!!] oh shit, am I happy or something?? YES! I love it when they come down, it fills the house with voices and apart from that, they are SO supportive – at their age this is unusual. They can’t possibly get their heads round all this crap that’s happened to me. And yet both the girls did the Race for Life almost as if this was a normal thing for them to do – for me it was amazing. It really touched my heart that they did it – Vick especially, as she is not ‘Sporty Spice’ like Jen she took Gracey – not exactly running material at 4!! But they all made it, and I was SO proud of them. I can’t thank them, as it would be embarrassing, but on here I can say what I like, so I say: THANK YOU girls!! You have no idea how much that meant to me. Love you!!

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