Wednesday, 17 September 2008

oh blah de blah [blimey I can’t half waffle on!]

Wednesday 17th September

upieeeeeeeeeeeeee!! soon we will be on holiday! OMG – the very first time in this revolting, hideous year that we will actually have a WHOLE week off! To do nothing! No mobiles, no pc’s, no WORK! Working 365 day a year is NOT GOOD!! For anyone. Let alone people on chemo. Merde!!! I am SURE it makes you either ill that you may not notice, or eventually you just explode like I did [perhaps not quite so violently!]....eee! Not a good plan!! So inconvenient to have to be chopped in half I can assure you! This is a bad idea!

Bloody hell, I am becoming what I hate – a tyrannical, overbearing twit. Hmmm. Sorry about that!

To recant this year. I have been having mainly surgery, then chemo – oh, and a bit of dementia in the meantime....what a year! Horrible – but I have found a lot of good things, and [sadly] quite a bit of bad. Mainly good though, so I can’t complain!! And I won’t! Mostly the friends I thought were brilliant and I could depend on for anything – well, they have [nearly] all been amazing. Then you get the friends who you think you can count on 100% - ho, ho – forget that peeps! It doesn’t work quite like that at all; when you really need friends, some of them really startle you. Some of them are not really friends at all. But you can’t tell them can you? Nooo – best to be nice. Isn’t it? Hmmmm.

BUT I have some great new friends – supportive and strong – amazing in this context where you would expect people to be needy – ha!! These girls are strong. They are motivated to live, like I am – being told that ovarian cancer kills most women, well it can really do your head in you know? BUT – we are NOT going to be one of those stupid statistics...oh no. Not chance in hell. Not a chance!!! WE will all be here in time to see Em’s 5 kids grow up – of this I am sure. Completely.

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