Friday, 19 September 2008


Friday 19th September

I want to say thank you to my nice neighbours. I met our neighbour G on the weekend while I was sweeping the driveway. He and I had a chat and he hadn't realised what was happening to me, just assumed I was away in Portugal a lot more than usual because I haven't been out and about much doing the garden etc.

We had a chat and he was very encouraging and off he went. But he obviously told HIS friend all about it. This man, P, who I have never met before, lives across the road from us. On a day this week that I was feeling pretty low, P appeared at my door with a glorious bunch of Dahlias tied with string from his allotment. He doesn’t know, me, but he said he thought they would cheer me up. Cheer me up? I was so touched - small things can make a huge difference. A beautiful gesture.

Our other neighbour replaced our fence on his own when it was blown over early in the year [normally this would be a team effort, as it’s a shared fence], and offered to help pay when I had a gardener in to have OUR trees trimmed. These seem like silly things, but they aren’t. They make a huge difference to day to day living.

On the opposite side of the coin, we have neighbours at the back of our house who appear to be constantly drunk. They smoke outside in their garden rather rowdily all hours and days of the week. Last night I went to draw the curtains in the bedroom which overlooks their garden [unfortunately!], and they obviously found it hilarious that I have no hair [I had nothing on my head at the time, not thinking that people would be looking in the window]. They started making catcalls and laughing at me. I was so startled I just stood there gaping at them! I must have looked a right twit with my mouth hanging open in shock. All of them are young women, all of them should know better. That made me VERY angry. Absolutely furious. I think I was supposed to be upset, but I wasn’t - I wanted to go round there and explain to them in no uncertain terms exactly WHY I have no hair, how totally NOT funny it is, and that it could happen to ANY of them. Oh, and perhaps cut all their hair off at the same time hehe.

I wonder if they would be quite so 'brave' and mouthy if we were actually face to face. I am sure they are just normal young women when they are sober, and can’t imagine that they wouldn’t have felt embarrassed by their behaviour. But then again, perhaps it’s normal for them. Who knows?

Amazing how the little things can affect you - some days the big things seem easier to deal with.


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your blog is great! We're all in this together and that makes it a little easier to deal with. I'll be adding your blog to mine, sending you ton's of healthy vibes...


  2. thanks Kia - for me it makes it a LOT easier - I am a great believer in positive thought, and the more we all know one another, link up with one another, the stronger the process :) We can and we will beat this...It's smaller than we are, so we have the advantage of SIZE!!


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