Friday, 28 August 2009

and one more!!

I mentioned Annabel in my last post. We have been chatting on-line since not long after my diagnosis. Annabel was diagnosed around the same time as me. She was only 27, and just wanted to have children of her own.

Ovarian cancer took that dream away from her. It devastated her. We went through hell together last year, but I truly believe her hell was worse than mine – I have two step daughters, and a grand daughter. I wasn't bothered when they hacked out my womb. Not in any way that mattered long term in any case. As you know, my main worry was the massive scar on my belly – I didn't have to worry about one on my heart. How facile that seems now in retrospect. But, at the time, that seemed so awful. Now I know better.

Annabel was broken hearted. But she made it. And happily, we met on Tuesday this week! This was great. We have messaged on Facebook – texted one another, but never met – and meeting her was like meeting an old friend. Which, in a way, she is. She arrived waving beautiful flowers, a fluffy toy for Grace [the 5 year old temporary resident] and an M&S lunch! Way to go!

It was as if I'd known her for years. We only had a few hours but we filled it up with non stop chattering – and I was so sad to see her go. I really could have spent another 2 days talking with her – she would have fitted right in last weekend.

Next meeting of the OC girls is going to be in Bristol – and hopefully ALL the UK lot will be there. Even our Welsh woman ;o)

We are starting to plan it now!


  1. we've deided if any of us win the lottery [ho ho!] we will have a great big meeting of ALL of us...somewhere SUNNY.

    Must remember to buy a ticket ;o)

  2. Bought my lottery ticket today in the hope of somewhere hot where all us OC girls can meet up.. imagine the carnage hehehe.


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